Plunge rate

I haven’t yet, but that would be great if true…!

hmm, interesting. What sort of operations would tweaking this setting be? I would assume bit safety with certain materials and such? Relatively new at this.

I drop my plunge rate very low when cutting aluminum, higher when cutting hardwoods and even higher when cutting softwoods.

Because I did. You can see it by clicking the orange pencil in your post. I changed the title from “Plung rate” to “Plunge rate”.

Just noticed this! It’s awesome. I was hoping it would appear one day. Seriously speeds up my jobs!

Also: just noticed that Easel can handle much more complex designs now. It used to stall out around ~500 objects in an .svg, but I just imported a design with ~750 and it totally works.

Serious kudos to the Inventables dev team, Easel is becoming a really powerful tool.

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I just saw it also, and did a little happy dance.

Used it tonight, set it to 400mm/min. Worked well.


Here I am setting up to draw with a marker rather than carve something and this appears… I’m lost.

Wow you guys are amazing.

@JustinHaugens it controls how fast the Z goes down. Plunge is a fancy word for go down into the material.

Yes we added it for two reasons:

  1. If you are doing metal like aluminum you want to slow down the plunge rate. We had a default rate for all materials and it was too fast for aluminum so some people were breaking bits.

  2. For softer materials like foam you can actually go faster because you don’t risk breaking the bit when you hit the material. This can dramatically increase the speed of your carve. You can mess around with changing it and clicking “simulate” to see how the plunge rate impacts the carve time.

You’ll notice if you change to aluminum the recommended plunge rate is set slower. We are now incorporating this into our testing for the recommended settings. We started this testing with Carvey and are now starting to do X-Carve too. Here’s what the new menu looks like:

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Even after researching it, nothing came up specifically noting it. I began to wonder if that’s what it was for, but after a variety of tasks today I was not computing fast enough!

Yea the engineering team snuck it in. I think they are testing it before we officially announce but obviously people on the forum noticed.


Any plans to add asymmetrical plunge rate while it’s being worked on? No need to rise out of aluminum (vertically) at that same slow rate, right?

Love you @BillBucket it’s on the list! We will keep improving Easel for a very long time.

This forum is tremendous. The feedback we get us fuel in my tank.

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Did you add that to the feature request thread?