Plywood feedrates

Greetings, New user here. My machine has not even been delivered yet but I’m trying to be prepared and get started quickly.

I’m hoping someone could give advice on the best feed rates/bit/other settings to maximize speed and cut quality. I’m a carpenter and bought an x-carve pro 4x4 to do fairly simple 2d cabinetry type cutouts. About 13 pieces per 4x8.

I’m drawing in Shaper3d then using Meshcam to generate the gcode, and when I import into Easel it shows some pretty absurd cut times(38hrs+) but maybe this is because I don’t have a machine hooked up to it yet? The bit specified in Meshcam/Easel is the 1/4 Onsrud from the inventables accessory pack.

I’ll be using mostly 18mm baltic birch, sometimes 12mm, 4x8. I’m assuming the tiling feature is accurate? Otherwise I can just arrange everything on 4x4 if that’s faster or more accurate, please advise.

Anyway, if anybody has input on the best settings for this application, or any wisdom that may save me some trial and error, I would really appreciate it. As you can tell by the Iphone shots of a computer screen, I have a tenuous grasp on technology, so please explain it to me like I’m 5 years old lol. Also, not trying to cut this project right out of the box, I have plenty of scrap to get things situated, but this is the type of project I intend to do moving forward.

Just a question… are you set in mm or inches. if mm, then the .129 might be .129 of a mm. That could account for a long time to machine stuff. OK I zoomed in and saw mm. Try changing the depth of cut to 3mm and see what happens.

I myself run into similar problems thinking in inches but making settings in mm.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m using metric for everything now, it’s so much simpler I can’t believe it took me so long to switch lol. Anyway, I just got my machine up and running today and I’ll start cutting tomorrow. I’ll make sure to set the pass depth a bit deeper as it seems conservative.