Png/pdf to easel

i am trying to make about 100 rubber band guns(4 different kinds) but i cannot figure out how to get a pdf or a png to easel to be able to cut out the pieces. each gun has between 3 pages and 30 pages.

if i can figure it out or if anyone knows a video that will help explain the process that would be great… i seen a thing about tracing the image in easel but the pdf will not load in easel same with my png images…

(dont have a cnc yet.) but will be able to justify it to the miss’s if i can do this project and a few others in a timely manner. because my wood working side projects are backing up a bit. she is opening up to the idea of purchasing one…

i am mainly trying to stick with just 2d cuts for now no 3d until i can understand how to do that part but thats a diff day to learn that…

back to googling/youtubing…

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hey sam try opening your png into microsoft paint and then “save as” jpg and then use the image trace app in easel easel will take jpg images

Hey! Easel only excepts .svg (vector files) If you use Adobe illustrator or Inkscape (free version) upload your PDF and “image trace” save as .svg If you use the image trace app you wont get accurate lines or dimensions. I would recommend staying far away from .JPG as its a relatively low quality filetype. Good Luck!

Are you talking about plans from RBguns? I just just down loaded his PDF of the M9 pistol and it does contain vector art . It can be pulled in using Inkscape or illustrator and cleaned of for use in Easel

I just looked a little closer at the file and it would some work but it can be done

yes some of my plans are from rbguns. one is from china and one is a 101 page book i bought to make a gatlin gun stye rubberband gun.

i did download adobe illustrator and i am trying to figure out how to trace the pdf file. i have figured out where the trace image button is but it does nothing and is greyed out. i can highlight and outline all the pieces on the page but thats as far as i have gotten sofar… but i dont know if i even have to trace it or not now that u say the rbguns files does contain vector art.

just adds to my confusion a bit but how would i go about getting the vector part to get it to be able to cut out with xcarve? if for now i can only do say the 1 rifle and the 1 pistol that would be fine with me for now.

10 years ago i would of got this in a heart beat(use to program bots and hacks for diablo 2) spent to much time in the garage with my saws/lathe’s

i think i figured out how to get the pdf to vector art from the one pattern. then got it to easel. and i am trying to get a outside the line cut. now it says

“if you’ve imported and SVG, check for open paths and join them before importing.”

how do i find the open path and fill it???

OK a quick and dirty,

  1. Drag and drop the PDF on to illustrator
  2. Select the page you want to convert 
  3. Select all and ungroup, you have have to do this several times
  4. Delete the stuff the you don’t need
  5. Export the the file as SVG and load into Easel

That’s the basic way to do it, but there maybe more steps you need to do before it’s Easel ready

I can do a video of how to do it in Inkscape this weekend

i will try it thanks…

got 1 of 15 pages to import and it looks good… now 14 more to go lol… but seems like i got that part!!! score 1 for me. now to remake my image and make it a pdf so i can make the pdf to vector to then export it to easel.

Thanks again… now to see how many items i can fit inside a 30 inch square…

Ok, hope it works out, I don’t use illustrator other than to convert PDF to DWG /DXF for work, so I’m not sure on the steps you need to take. I use ISOdraw at work and Inkscape at home.


hey glenn what does ai cost to download is there a way to get it for free or is it paid only?

AI is not free, Inkscape is and can be downloaded from:

Youtube has tons of how-to on Inkscape if you want to learn how to use it.


yeah I already use inkscape but there are alot of files out there that are in the ai format i just figured it would be more productive to not have to try and convert it

I hear ya, illustrator cost $30 a month to use which is more than I care to spend, I have access to it at work so if I need a quick convert I do it there. Inkscape will import some illustrator files but it’s hit and miss

wow thats expensive if you are not a graphic designer