PoBoy Dust Shoe

Hi everyone,

I decided to design a dust shoe with the following design constraints:

  1. Non-Destructive. No part of the X Carve is modified, damaged, or hole-drilled-throughed to make this dust shoe work.

  2. Cheap cheap cheap! It’s called the PoBoy for a reason. Every part (besides the screws, washers, nuts, and the skirt material) is machined from a quarter inch thick 12"x12" sheet of material. I designed it with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene in mind) which costs less than 8 bucks for a sheet of in this size on Amazon.

Instead of taking a bunch of screenshots of the design to post here to discuss, I decided to just record a video of my screen as I manipulate the model and discuss the features of this dust shoe. I’d love to get everyone’s feedback on this before I pull the trigger and mill it out.

Link to the video (I recommend 720p)

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I like it, nice and simple. Not sure if I can find HDPE as cheap as on Amazon (not available here)

The L shaped supports have a long slot milled in them, will this result in much flex in these parts? I realise that there’s not a lot of load/weight on them.
What size is the hole for the dust hose?

The dust hose hole is 48.5mm because I’m using plumbing items and a screw clamp to attach the hose. Those long machined slots did concern me for a minute, and because of them material selection would be more important than for other designs. HDPE seems to be strong enough that it wouldn’t flex much, although some flexing theoretically wouldn’t be that big of a deal for a dust shoe.

Also, I just realized that I can fit all of the parts plus an extra skirt top block, meaning out of one sheet you could make two skirt lengths to quick swap them out for different jobs.

Actually, I could easily design a retainer for the support arms with two square holes to slide onto the ends to prevent any flexing. All I’d have to do is extend the length of the arms by a quarter inch or so, bata bing bata boom.

Nice design! Would you be willing to post the solidworks parts and/or dxf files so myself and others can make? :slight_smile:

Thank you, and certainly. I’m still revising the models, but once I’m done I’ll put those up on github or something.

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