Pocket cut holes are not same size as vector

I have some pocket cuts and the size in Vcarve is 4.7mm
When I try to put a dowel into the finished cut its too large.
I reran the job with a larger size cut and went up to 6mm
Now the hole is just a hair larger than what It should have been.
I measured the bit using a caliper and the bit was a bit smaller. I adjusted for this in the Vcarve bit settings.
Any ideas that could lead me to a solution for correct cut size?

Yes I used a caliper to measure both the cut hole and the dowel.

So I should cut based on what the bit manufacture says it is.
Then measure the cut hole and adjust it in vcarve software what the offset is.
Is this the way to go?
Also the bit is from Inventables. Its the 2 flute strait cut at 1/32 cut dia. Up cut
it has a white collar.

What is strange is the profile cuts are perfect.

i forgot to mention that the profile cut is ok but the pocket is 2mm off. If I use the measured slot cut as the bit dia refrence will it cause my profile cuts to be off?

Thanks next weekend I will let you know how it goes. :smiley:

Well I figured out why the holes were wrong. The bit info was set wrong. The title was correct but the actual bit size was off.

Sounds like you need to tighten up the rails to ensure there is no play.
Could also be the feed rate a bit too fast. Try slowing it down to see if the cut is the same.
Other than that I couldn’t tell as I am still learning myself.

Yes. I have been using 1/32 dia. bits myself and those things are fragile.
I have already broken 3 of them. One broke and I have no idea how. I can only assume that when I was working on the system that something bumped it. So as a rule I take out the bit while working or moving material.

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