Poe Dameron's EL-16HFE

I just completed my latest commission – Poe Dameron’s rifle (that nearly took out Kylo Ren.) The majority of the piece was cut out from MDF on the X-Carve along with some foam and 3D printed pieces.


Nice mix of what I’m thinking is also a 3D printed nozzle/flash supressor/barrel. The weathering on that is great, BTW. You’re right up there with Bill Doran as far as I’m concerned.

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BTW, isn’t he Apocalypse?

Thanks, I really appreciate the sentiment. That piece was 3D printed – I designed it using SketchUp and then used airbrush painting techniques learned from @Volpinprops.

That is AWESOME.
Would love to see a step-by-step on how you design and build one of those.

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Here’s a project that I put together on a different model: Crisis Typhoon Minigun Gun Replica Prop | Inventables.

I’ve sure been loving my printer! I can’t really tell from the scale (no references) but it looks like you might be under-extruding a bit?

I have an XYZ Davinci 1.0 – I haven’t really done any tuning on it. Does under-extruding cause the ridges?

Here, check this out. :slight_smile: There’s quite a few things that can cause that kind of behaviour, that’s just the first one that crossed my mind. This guide is specifically for a paid program (which I have, and I think is worth every nickle), but it has a TON of good information for diagnosing problems that relate to any print software.


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Who would have thought that MDF would look so good.

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