Poker Card Box Project

Here’s the latest writeup and video I made on the site for my poker card box project.

The full writeup with steps and descriptions is here:


That is so cool @FrankGraffagnino !

Can I buy one to put on display in our gallery at Inventables?

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yep… already been talking with Michael over there, and I made these for you guys. I wanted to remake them in Easel to make sure the instructions and files came out correct. You bought two of them. :smile: I should get them shipped over to you guys this week.

Ha! Oh that’s awesome. It’s so cool looking. The felt adds a nice touch.


Pun intended?

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Hey Frank,

here was my modified version of your card box where i added a set of 5x19mm dice

Thanks again for the great project idea!


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fantastically beautiful. Love this. I’d love to see more detail on your hinges and how you made them sit flat. I sort of wish in my template I would have mortised out a space for them so that they could be inside the box.

Also, I see you left your edges sharp, which I really like. I have a habit of getting overly “smoothy” with my sander and rounding all the edges. I think the sharp edges make this look much cleaner.

Did you do any v-carving to personalize them?

Thanks for sharing this. Really beautiful.

Hey Frank,

i did the hinges same as you (below is a picture)… I made a total of 5 of these for a bunch of the guys in my family and did there last name in the top. The mortise is a great idea though, i mean since we are cutting it out anyway :smile:

I really liked the finish you did on yours, i just didnt have the time and its so cold in my shop right now it would have taken forever. I ended up using Danish Oil, i really like that stuff, its easy to apply, makes the wood smell and look great.

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beautiful stuff Jesse.

I may have to get me some of that Danish Oil!


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For those that are interested, I made some updates to my poker card project that I mention at the end of my cutting board epoxy inlay video. You can see that here:

In a nutshell, I made the pocket in the lid deeper and took out less in the pockets in the base, that way the lid isn’t so much heaver than the base like it was before. Also, I tried switching to a barrel hinge rather than outside hinges like I did before. They came out ok. It is nice that they are hidden and they easily close flat, but it is hard to keep your wood aligned after they are installed. So, I think you almost need to install them first, then use a belt sander or something to sand the top and bottom edges together to get them to line up since the hinge installation will likely shift them a bit. Lastly, I put some neat epoxy inlays with playing cards on the top.

The new barrel hinges:

The epoxy inlay on top:


I love the playing card inlays!

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Here is my version of you playing card box. I took some cues from both Frank and Jesse.


oooh!!! fantastic!!!

how did you do the hinges? any issues with the screws butting up and keeping it from opening all the way?

really nice.

The hinges are similar to what you used on your original box. The hinges only open 90 degrees.