Police shield attempt help please

Hello All,
I have been playing with my new CNC machine and have been creating a bunch of different versions of my police shield in an attempt to make the perfect version. I don’t have a background in any of this and its a new hobby so please excuse my project if I have an obvious no no’s. I created this 3d version of the shield which ive attached. I would like to make this project as clean as possible and work much faster than the 3 hours + it takes with a 2 stage carve on easel pro. I appreciate everyones help.

NCPD Shield 12x12 +.zip (781.0 KB)

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Hey, I took your svg file and uploaded it into easel and re-worked some of it for you, which should help you out. It is still just under 3 hours of cutting time. I’m still learning new techniques and processes all of the time. Ill try to upload the easel file here for you… Take care and be safe out there.


Trevor this looks great what did you do to change it? just curious so I can try this in the future. Thanks again

I used the combine tool when you select multiple objects and and right click you will see the combine option. I was told a while back that you should combine as many objects possible in your designs which helps with the tool paths. Im still just a novice with this stuff. As you have probably already figured out, it takes a lot of practice and trial and error to get good cuts. Also the wood surface has to as level as possible. I recommend getting a planner if you dont already have one. Its nice so if the cuts dont work out you can just plane the wood down and start over again. I have a site that I post my work on if you want to take a look at what I have done. Pretty much all my customers are Military and LE.

Also, I usually do most of my design work in Inkscape, which is free, if you haven’t heard of it. There are plenty of youtube videos for tutorials too.