Poop Emoji Coaster Luxury Viny Flooring Planks

Has anyone else engraved luxury Vinyl Flooring? I used a 1/8" Upcut and got decent results, but I was wondering if there was a better bit and other folks experiences. The results were pretty good, but I am always open to improvement.

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I carve them all the time and ussually use a downcut bit. Seems to work good for me.

Perfect for the new bathroom floor!


@nogeel. Yes I’ve used them a lot. I’ve used numerous different bits. 90 degree vbit most common. Check out my videos on this at my YouTube channel. Paw paw’s Workshop and on my project page here on the forum. Yours look great. You can paint them also

Good one Mike.

Just tried my first over the weekend… 090vbit at 65ipm.