Poor quality on the belting

Today after approximately 15 hrs of use one of the belting on my 1000mm snapped :angry: in the middle of a project :angry: Luckily I was watching when it happened so I was able to stop it right away.

Somebody know if this is a common problem ? If so where do you buy new better/stronger ones ?

My tension was high but no more the reasonably I guess, when I stretch it I get about 1.5 cm (0,6 in) over the makerslide.

I use same belts over 7 months with no problems. Only two factors snapping the belt. First and most, if one of the motor pulley rubbing the edge, other one is if very tide. I think you’re good on adjusting tightness, check to see pulley adjustments. Belt must be traveling in center of the motor pulleys.

Thank you for the reply

It was centered in the pulley…but it might be cause of some problems I did have in the beginning when I first started using the x carve.
Then it was unaligned but after some ajustments it has been working great.

So there is a good chance the damage was done during those first hours of use.

So there is no known weakness in the original belts that come with the x carve ? Well then I might just order some from Inventables,if shipping isn’t killing it…

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Good to hear that. So I didn’t break the belts, because I was ordered spare at the first shipment. That happens, if you have spare tire, you don’t get flat. :slight_smile:

:+1: True :smile:

Do you know if it is the G2 that is for the X carve ?
I see they have two different kinds MXL ang G2 ,I believe it is the 6mm G2 that is the correct one ?

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I’m fairly sure its the 6 mm GT2.

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Thank you Justin :smile:

Yea I think that would be the one