Pope Flag in pine


I try to upload this image to easel and i am just not understand they instruction…any trick i need to learn first. only third day with x Carve.

image thank you in advance

What size do you want? Do you have Inkscape?
Copy image to inkscape and do a trace bipmap. Save new image as svg file
Open in Easel and size to what you want.

Thank you for your advice. I do not have inkscape. The size will be about 10.5 inches height and width . its going on 12 by 12 piece of pine.

Hello Joseph and welcome to the forum,
I took the image into Inkscape, traced it and converted it to an SVG, then imported it into Easel. Download Inkscape and watch some youtube videos on how to do it, If you have questions a few people on here use Inkscape and will answer your questions.
Good Luck


Inkscape is FREE. Download it and start playing with it. It is very valuable to to trace bit map to get your svg files. It is also great for editing nodes and actually a whole lot more.


Thank you will do

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Ok sound like i need to learn new program

You don’t need to learn all of Inkscape (that’s a giant rabbit hole), but there are a bunch of key features for x-carve work.

thank you