Portraits with x-carve

My first attempt carving portraits with the image import in easel

This was a 2 stage carve in soap stone

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That’s really nice. What is that type of drawing/artwork called. It looks like more than simple line art, kind of like a silhouette, but not really that either. How do you get from a photo to that?

I used Prisma on my phone to convert the images to line art first. This left some of the lines quite thin and some dark areas larger:

The first pass was a fill pass 1/4" deep. Easel will ignore the thin lines if the tool diameter is too large for them in the fill setting. This left me with a carve for the dark areas:

After that, I selected the paths and did an outline carve on path with a 1/16" depth for the lighter areas:

I think next time I’ll try 4 or 5 depths to see how that looks.

nice! no tear outs. what bit size was used here?

Bit size was 1/32" cutting very slow

I like that a bunch. I have a few pictures I could try that way. Thank you for posting

Which filter did you use in Prisma? My version does not have a line art filter, but has a bunch with other names. I have tried most and can’t seem to get that effect.

Curly hair. Easel alters the image again on import

That Is awesome! I’ve been looking for a program to turn photos in to line images to carve. My 5 year old has already demanded he had a carving of super heros