Position status, homing, etc? in Easel?

I use CNCjs most times, but every once in a while I love doing a job through Easel for ease. That said, I can’t seem to find some very basic things and I hope I’m just missing something. Is it possible to home the machine with Easel? Or to verify your work home? I just had a potentially dangerous and damaging incident where I said to use the last work position, and it started at 0,0 instead and my v-bit tore into a plastic clamp and shot the metal “staircase” across the room.

Again, hopefully I’m just missing something. Is there some way to see current position, work position, and trigger homing or work0?

Machine inspector to see.
Type $H in the console to home.

Why go back after using CNCjs?

Fear mostly. Last time I used CNCjs I screwed up lowering Z and ground the bit into the wasteboard which I’m sure is gonna screw up my alignment. I went back to Easel because of its safeguards but then this happened. So I just need to get smart with my CNCjs workflow and checklist and use that.

You’ll get me back from CNCJS when you pry the mouse out of my cold dead hands!