Possible reason for this

Imported file from Inkscape to Easel. Rough pass worked great. Changed bit, jogged machine over to bottom left, same place as rough pass, set zero, began detail carve and right side of project seems like bit dropped almost a 1/4 inch. I did not move or un-clamp material. Any suggestions to try to resolve this would be appreciated. My planer has gotten more use in the last month than in the entire time I’ve owned it.

How did you zero after roughing pass? Do you use a zero puck/block?

After you change bits, Jog it over to an area were you can use your probe. In the setup steps it will ask you to SET X,Y or use last X,Y you should choose the use last X,Y. Not sure if this is what led to your issue but that’s how I do it.

I didn’t use the "use last XY but I thought that may alleviate this issue. I do jog it over to part that didn’t get touched during rough pass, use my Z probe then jog back over to bottom left corner and set a new XY. I think I’ll try the other option and see how that works. Thanks for your suggestion.

When doing a 2 stage carve plan ahead and pick a probe position that will not be carved by first stage.
Both probes need to be in the same location for best results. Just a few thousandths will show when second stage is finished.

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yes, if the probe variance exceeds the final pass material offset you will have issues.