Possibly the best tablet to run the x carve

Greetings all.

After getting tired of bringing the laptop in the garage to run my machine I started looking for other options.

If you are considering a tablet to run your x carve,

Look at the Dell Latitude 10 St2 - make sure to get the productivity dock. The dock has 4 full sized USB ports, an hdmi port and an Ethernet port if you don’t want to run on wifi. These are windows 8 tablets and you can upgrade to windows 10 but I still am on windows 8.

These can be picked up used for around $100

So far I can run easel and ugs without a hiccup.

I have a full sized keyboard which helps for jogging but have opted not to use a mouse and rely on the touch screen right now.

If you have been looking for a great tablet to have as a dedicated device to run the x carve this may be the best option.



Yeah, I’ve been using tablets to run my machines for a long while now — the newer models w/o fans are especially nice for use around the machines. List of the ones I’ve had success w/ on the Shapeoko wiki.

Still sad that there isn’t a real replacement for the transflective display on my Fujitsu Stylistic ST4121 though — when cutting tropical hardwoods I move my machine to the car port or back deck and even my Samsung Galaxy Book AMOLED w/ adaptive brightness enabled and turned up to full brightness is hard to read in direct sunlight.

I’ve got a dell for work and it’s junk. The state tried using them because of cost vs laptop but we are going back to laptops because of nonstop problems.

I use a Lenovo Yoga on mine.

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Is anyone willing to walk me through what specifications is needed on the tablet to run X carve? I’m in the process of picking a tablet for it.