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maybe a dumb question but how do i post pictures on here

You can drag and drop into the reply box or you can hit the 7th icon from the left (little up arrow) to upload.

What are you using to post? PC? Mac? iPhone? Android?
The more details you give in a post, the better the help will be.

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This is what is going on however before this had cut three that were perfect.But this is a problem that i have had more than once.and cant figure out why called inventables their ideas didnt help. So hope somebody can help

Here are two screen shot showing the buttons you click. The first one is highlighted below. Clicking that button will pop up the second one where you can upload the file from your computer or import from the web.

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Plywood like this has a tendency to cup, warp, etc. I use it quite a bit, and my method for workholding is to screw the workpiece to the wasteboard using 1-1/4" drywall screws. I place a screw in the bottom left corner and flatten as I go, adding screws at 9 oclock and 6 oclock, then the top left and bottom right corners, then 12 oclock and 3 oclock, and finally the top right corner.

That being said, what is your depth of cut? It looks pretty shallow, which means that it wouldn’t take very much for what you have pictured to occur.