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I just finished my first Vetric VCarve tutorial. It created an Avalon name plate. At the end of the tutorial I was to select the post processor. There was no discussion on which post processor to select. Also there was a greyed out selection of 'Output direct to machine". How do we know which processor to select?

I’m a new XCarve owner using VCarve Desktop. In the drop down menu for post processors, choose XCarve (inches) or XCarve (mm)

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I would suggest that you download the Easel post processor, from their website, and then use that

Works fine for my items created in Vcarve

The grayed out option to direct transfer to machine, is VTransfer. I used it for the first time yesterday, to send my carve directly to my XCarve. It worked great once I figured it out, there is not a lot of instructions.
VTransfer usage

If you have VCarve 9.5, then you should have had the option to install VTransfer when you installed the program. If you opted not to, can just reinstall it without any problems. Once its installed and running at the same time as VCarve, the direct transfer button won’t be grayed out.


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Thanks Darrin…