Post-upgrade test carve wonky

Hey all

Just finished assembling the upgrade kit for the X-Carve, calibrated and have run a couple test carves…my latest one isn’t quite right & I can’t figure out why.

Maybe the slide bars aren’t evenly spaced? That’s all I can come up with. No, I haven’t checked yet.

Posting some photos of the carve for input.

FYI, I’m no coding pro so please keep the tech lingo fairly straightforward.


Something is loose, start by checking your belt tensions with a fish scale, 4lbs pull at 1" of pull. then check all your V-wheels to see if they are snug. And share your file so we can rule out that as an issue assuming it is Easel. Steve

On my very first cut with the new upgrade, the bolts that held the router chassis to the Z-axis shimmied loose. You probably would have noticed that by now, but I did have to make sure mine were very tight.