Potential X-Carve Setup Questions

Hello Inventables People!

I’m a noob to CNC in general, but I work with an organization that has a lot of land used for camps and outdoor education programs. We have signage throughout our canyon land made of cypress that has historically been routed by a local cabinet maker and woodworker. However, he’s had to cut back on the amount of work he has and our quest for finding a new woodworker has been tough, so we’re looking into getting an X-Carve and somehow building a routing setup of our own.

Main problem I’m seeing so far is the size of the work area on the 1000mm X-Carve, which is significantly smaller than some of our largest signs (one of our larger ones is about 66" wide). Is it possible to set up the X-Carve (and files in Easel) to be able to simply move the material in between routing sessions to carve on a larger area, or would the setup have to be customized? If it needs to be customized to suit larger projects/materials, any advice on how to do that?

I’m a graphic designer on a communications team, but our maintenance staff would likely be the ones we’d make sure were trained on operating the machine and working with our files, so I want to make the process pretty simple to communicate between our two teams (from designing the signs to producing them).

We’d be creating 1.5" thick cypress signs—also, wood experts, what settings would you recommend in Easel to get the best results with cypress? I didn’t see an option for that material in Easel.

Thank you so much!

As long as the width of the material isn’t greater than the physical opening of the Xcarve it can be as long as need-be.
The Xcarve is open in both ends and tiling a carve is certainly possible.

Here is one way:


That’s so helpful, thank you!