Power consumption


Since many of you have already used the machine and such, can you tell me if I need a 15amp and 20amp outlet for the xcarve controller and router?

The location I’ll use the machine is very close to my power panel so I plan install a couple circuit breakers and outlets so I can use:

Shop Vacuum

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.

Need some more specs to properly inform you. Are you running the dewalt 611? How many horse power is your shop vac?
Is your Monitor a flat panel? I assume you are running a desktop computer how many watts is the power supply on it? Is the fan a shop type fan or a small box fan? I would run at lest 2 if not 3 dedicated lines. One for the computer, monitor, and fan depending what size it is. I have read the X controller is quite picky on power fluctuation. So it wouldn’t hurt to have its own outlet. And more then likely you could run the router and vac on the same outlet.

Thanks for the reply Chris,

It is a dewalt 611 which I read will draw 7 amps. Not sure what the controller and stepper motors pull for power. I read the stepper motors pull 1.5 to 2 amp each so I’m thinking a 20amp outlet will do the trick for all the above (Controller and router). I honestly don’t know if the controller is plugged in separate from the router or if the router is plugged into the controller. I’m still waiting for the controller to show up to do my assembly.

I know the PC and monitor will use one 15amp outlet.

I do have a third outlet I planned to run the fan on. Fans tend to create electrical noise so I wanted it kept away from the Xcarve and PC. I’ll likely put the vac on the same outlet.

I was hoping to hear how current users have their systems powered since many are successfully using these machines now.

Thank you!

I run with 2 20A outlets myself.

One is for the Dewalt and shop vac. One is for the Xcontroller, RaspberryPi, and laptop power adapter.


Thanks, you’re probably spot on. That layout makes good sense. I’ll likely put in two 20A and one 15A for better lights. I’m lucky to be about 5’ from the breaker box.

Thank you much.

I just put in two 30 amp circuits for my power tools and a dedicated 20 amp circuit for the HF Dust Collector.

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