Power on/off Dewalt 611 with X-Controller Kit

Is it possible to wire the power switch of the Dewalt 611 to the X-Controller Kit, to allowing Gcode turn on and off the spindle. I am fine with the manual speed control, for now :wink:

Its actually quite simple with this device:

And 2 wires from n the side of the ralay into the xcontroller like this:

And then you’d need to go into easel and ar the top menu select machine >general settings and set spindle to automatic :+1::+1:

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Two follow up questions,


Clarifying my original question. Is there a way to direct wire only the power switch of the Dw611. The previously suggested “lot relay” will work, but I was hoping to run the power switch directly to the x- controller.


I use fusion 360 or vcarve desktop to generate my gcode and UGS to run the xcarve, what is the grbl command to turn on on the spindle? And will fusion or vcarve automatically add the line or are there settings I need to change when I’m posting the gcode.

No, the Xcontroller takes AC input and only outputs low power. you would need a relay in order to turn on the power to the Dewalt router.

In Both F360 and Vcarve when you enter an RPM for the bit it will add the line of Gcode: “S(whatever your RPM setting is)” into the gocde in the first few lines. In this example from F360 my rpm is set to 5,000:

These can be turned off, so if this line of code is missing, just let me know and I’ll go through the process of turning it back on…

The RPM and the Spindle 0-10V output is on a scale based on the $30 and $31 setting of your grbl settings. For this reason it’s recommended to set $31=1 if it’s not set to this already.


I’m going to order the lot relay, and let it run my shop vac and router. Will be nice to have the both of them shut done together.

Thanks for the help

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