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Power options to the Router/Spindle on Xcarve


I have a newer model xcarve and have been running the DWP611 quite nicely. I wanted to try a different power option and did not want to go to a spindle, so I chose the Maktia router and an adapter for my current spindle mount from inventables.


I wanted to know how everyone else powers their routers? I have my dwp ran through the drag chains and plugged right into the outlet. So I physically turn the router on each time and click spindle on in xcarve.

Are there other ways to power the router? A way to hook it up to the x controller?

Also… I thought about running a heavy duty extension cord through the drag chains and then just plugging the router right into the extension cord end at the z axis. The zip tie the router cord nicely. I thought this would be good so when I want to remove the router or work on it, I can just unplug it and not open the drag chains up each time.

Feedback would be appreciated!

I’ve seen another use amphenol brand online connector right at the top of the z…

If yoh want the xcontroller to power it you’ll need an IOT relay… just search the forum for it, you’ll find the wiring and all that info (i think i even posted it earlier this week)

How is your dust collecton run, can you run the router cable along side the dust collection with some zip ties or velcro straps?

That’s what I’ve done with my water lines for my spindle because I didn’t want the water next to the power or bending to such a small radius. I have a zipline that runs above the cnc and the 4" dust hose and the water lines are attached to is and near the end is a bungee to give some more flexibility to reach the whole work area with little stress on any of the hoses…

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Good idea on wires up dust collection. I have the inventables kit. So it would work for the router wires nicely.

How does that IOT work? You just click on in easel and it turns the router on? I imagine the rpm will be adjusted on the physical switch on router head.

Like Powering it on/off? The IOT has 2 controlled AC outputs, so works perfect for turning on and off both the router AND the dust collector.

Basically yes. In Easel you would need to go to Machine>General Settings and change the spindle from Manual to Automatic, then those pins on the back of the X-Carve receive power which switches the outputs ON on the IOT and it allows power through to turn on the Router /Dust Collector

& also Yes, RPM would need to be set with the Knob, but for 99% of the uses, the Dewalt Router should be left at Setting #1 anyway.

more info on the wiring here:

I would order, awesome idea, but none are available anywhere!

Got any basic skills in small electronics?

This will do the same thing.

I’m pretty confident in my abilities to follow good directions lol that looks slightly intimidating.

Not nearly as inexpensive as the Digital Loggers IOT Relay, but here’s an eerily similar alternative. Then again, if you don’t already have a Raspberry Pi, it would probably add up to the same amount.

I personally have the IOT Relay, it worked great on my XC, and I was able to use it on my XCP through the mist port. I got mine originally in 2018, and the first one died in 2020. Digital Loggers, however, replaced it even though the warranty was expired.

No idea what a raspberry pie is. Sounds good though.

That relay seems available and not bad at $70.