Power out in middle of a long carve

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone could help me,
I had lighting cause a power outage 4 hrs. into a 3D carve, it came on right away and everything is fine with the machine, my question is do I need to start from the beginning or is there a way to pick up where it left off?

There is not a simple way to start where it left off when using Easel.

Some other gcode senders have a "start here, easel does not.

Youd need to download the gcode file and delete the completed portion, save then import thst edited gcode file to get easel to resume from the stopped point. This isnt a simple task and usually out of reach of most easel users…

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another way that may help is to have a cable that has filters on it to circumvent surges etc. I installed filters on the cable from the usb cord to my cnc machine front and back. I had in the past many times on multiple cuts of the same design that my machine would stop somewhere along during the line and I would have to start over. The problem I had was finally put to the test this week when I made 65 YES 65 CRIBBAGE BOARDS OVER 4 DAYS OF CONSTANT USAGE and not once did my machine stop. My machine is a 3018 cnc pro machine (small but adequate for what I do. I hope this helps. good luck!!!

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Thank you Seth,
Do you know if it is possible to use other programs other than easel and import them?

Thank you for your input,
I do have surge protection but the power actually went out for long enough to make the computer restart, and that was the issue I was hoping I could pick it up where it left off…

I’m pretty sure when one uses the “start here” function in openbuilds, that the gcode file is edited and then can be saved and then imported back into Easel.

However any cnc (except X-Carve Pro unless modified) that Easel can control, can also be controlled using OpenBuilds control…

Thank you very much…

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