Power outage in middle of carve

We have had 2 power outages tonight where I live. Thank goodness I decided to do something else when power was on rather than a project on the XCarve Pro. However, I am curious. If you lose power in the middle of a carve, will the Xcarve Pro know where to start from to continue when power is restored? Or will it start the project from the beginning, basically carving air until it gets to the point it was when power went off?

basically no cnc’s have a power loss resume function, some 3d printers do, but this isn’t really a thing with cnc’s and lasers…

You would need to re-home and select “use last” for x,y,z zeros and start the carve again.
depending on what portions were already complete you could set those areas to 0 depth, or cover them with a shape set to 0 depth. Or allow them to be re-carved…

Other gcode sender software like OpenBuilds Control allows the user to scroll through the gcode, to find the area that the carve stopped. the user can right click and select “start carve from here” and the prior section of the gcode is skipped, saving time for a recovery.


Thanks, Seth. That’s what I thought. But I wanted to double check to be sure in the event there was a chance to save some time if it was a long carve, like a 3D.

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speaking of 3D carving. This is from a livestream I did a few weeks ago where I show some tips about expediting 3d carves. you might find it useful in reducing the carve times on the finishing pass…

ok, thanks

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