Power question

Being stationed in Germany temporarily (3-5 years) I am deciding the best route to go. When I do place my order I will get the 220 volt option for the spindle as I am not sure how well a transformer would hold up to the use. What about the rest of the electronics? Are they switchable like most computer power supplies between 110-220? I dont want have to purchase everything again when I head back to the states in a few years.

I do know that the older power supply was switchable to 220v but I am not sure about the new x-cotroller

hopefully someone will chime in that has the x-controller

perfect… thanks… dont mind replacing the spindle when I get back as I sure it will be due anyway

where are you from in the states?

Grew up In Florida but the Army has taken me all over the place. Left Ohio to come here

ahh I see pretty much like hostel but for 3-5 years?

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Kinda… When I hung up the Soldier suit in 07 I started working for the Army as a civilian. We settled in Ohio and stayed there for almost 10 years… bought a house and everything. Even as a civilian we have the option of moving around so I took a promotion that brought me back to Germany (My wife is German) so this is a nice way to get her close to family also. In 3-5 years I will be scheduled to rotate back state side and who knows where we will end up. One day I plan on retiring for good and settling down in one spot… After 20 years of moving all the time we just get restless

idk man you may want to leave it on a 220v circuit even if you get back to the states

if you did that you could run everything even a dust collector of of 1 220v circuit and 1 plug into that socket

just something to think about

I dont think our 220 and their 220 is the same… I believe it is on a different phase.

its all single phase 220v should be all the same

Something to think about when I get back.

oh yeah forgot about that lol yeah nowadays everything is 50-60hz but yeah defiantly check for that

thanks robert