Power Supply input

Living here in NewZealand we have 240V AC from the mains - is that going to be a problem with the x-carve power supply?

The power supply is designed to work Input voltage ranging from 85-264VAC. It also has a female IEC 320 C13/C14 connector common on a desktop computer so it will be easy for you to find a cord locally.

Thankyou - that is exactly what I needed to know about the supply

Sure thing. That was one of the improvements we made with X-Carve. We wanted it to work anywhere in the world without having a different version for each country. If you use the DC spindle it runs through the power supply. If you go with one of the 3rd party routers like the Bosch Colt or Dewalt then you should order it locally since they are AC so it has the proper plug and voltage rating.


I forgot to mention there is a switch on the power supply to go from 115 to 230V. You will need to put it on 230V before plugging it in.