Power Supply Interface Source Files

The source files for the Power Supply Interface assembly are located here.

Can you explain a bit about how this works with the 24V spindle, gShield, etc?

The power supply is highly optimized for the electronics you mentioned. The power supply provides full time power to the stepper motors, assuming the AC switch is on, via two of the larger terminals. The other two large terminals go to the spindle. The two small terminals go to the gShield to give it on/off and speed control of the spindle. In case your g-code does not have spindle control, there is a small toggle switch to override the gSheld and turn the spindle on full.

Love that picture. Especially because the filename is bdaycake.png :birthday:

How does the pinout from the gShield work? Is the pin map different for Grbl 0.8 vs 0.9?

Here is the pinout for grbl 0.9. 0.8 did not have speed control so Z-lim was on D11

Bought the Shapeoko 2 a few months back and I’m wondering if it possible to get rid of the MEAN WELL power brick and consolidate the power situation into the same “birthday cake” setup using the power supply provided in the Shapeoko 2 BOM?

Oh 0.8 didn’t have any spindle control?

0.8 has spindle control, but not variable speed spindle control. The pin out is actually a little flexible via the pin_map.h file in 0.8 and cpu_map.h in 0.9. I gave the default arduino uno pinout that the gShield typically uses.

The spindle control pin had to swap with the z limit when going to 0.9, because D12 is not a PWM pin.

Sorry if this is a silly question but, is the variable speed spindle control only for the spindle with the X-Carve or would it work with a DW660 spindle on a ShapeOko 2? I assume you could switch the on off power to a DW660 but the speed would be a different story? From your comment I also assume that electrically, this would be a cleaner power source for the motors than the stock kit brick?

Yes, you can. The one issue you’ll need to navigate is what your spindle setup is. If you use the stock rotary tool, that will continue to plug into a wall outlet or power strip on its own.

The new 24v spindle we’re selling along with the X-Carve is designed to work on the same power supply as the stepper motors, so that’s the one way to truly consolidate everything to a single power supply.

No any standard trim router wouldn’t be controllable because it just has a physical switch on it, nothing you could wire into.


The speed control is only for DC spindles and works up to 48VDC and 400W. The 24VDC spindle is ideal because the steppers motors (30VDC Max) can use the same power. We hope to offer the setup for use with a 48VDC power supply soon for people who want a clean setup for their 48VDC spindles.

I don’t think the Shapeoko 2 The Works Kit, that I got from Inventables, will be able to do the “birthday cake” setup since it uses a both 24v and 48v power supplies. It wasn’t clear at the time of the videos how this was being achieved but Bart has clarified my suspicion that X Carve uses a 24v spindle.

You can fit your Quiet Cut spindle into the X-Carve spindle carriage instead of the 24v spindle, I just tried it and it fits snugly. So you’d be okay there. If you were to stack the 24v supply on top of the 48v, you could make it a “wedding cake” :slight_smile:

Is there an off the shelf solution for spindle control, ON/OFF, speed control and all accessible within Easel?

There are quite a few options for that. What spindle do you plan to use?

From scratch, I bought the basic + 1000mm upgrade + Nema23 + Quiet Spindle and I have the 1000mm assembled mechanically only and the X-Carve came out. I want the upgrades and I want the most updated power and control possible taking advantage of Easel. You did mention some new things coming down the pike for software and control. I can wait a little while and I do not want to finish the system twice. I am an industrial controls engineer, I know discrete electronics and microprocessors quite well and I am an excellent mechanic, old school.
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Do you want speed control or is on/off acceptable?

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just to confirm, does the new PS design eliminate the need for both the isolated relay circuit and the separate speed controller? Does it connect straight to a GRBL board D11 and ground?

Yes, here is a snippet of an unofficial schematic I drew.

A PDF of the full schematic is attached.

x-carve_gShield_schematic.pdf (472.5 KB)