Power Supply Interface


I’m working my assembly, putting together the power supply. The cutouts on the PCB interface do not seem to match the shapes of the intefaces on the PCB. Particularly the two green terminal blocks. There is no way for the PCB Inteface to fit. I suppose I need to get a file or something and widen the cutouts. My terminal blocks look beefier than the ones in the assembly instructions. Anyone else run into this?

You have to pull the green plugs off first.





Did not realize they were plugs. Cheers!

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Palm to forehead.

I’ve done something like that, but the goof resulted in needlessly swapping an engine out in a toyota…

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Okay, after removing plugs everything fits nicely. Yay team!

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Awesome! Good to hear, it’s easy to miss things with the excitement that comes with putting your X-Carve together, I know I missed a lot!