Power supply settings for the US

What do I switch the power supply to 115 or 230 Im in the United States do not want to mess this up.


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115 in the USA

230 is for countries like the UK where the voltage coming into the house is higher.

Thank you Zach, Next it is time to trouble shoot my soldering issues

I wonder why in the videos they didn’t just label the wires first, maybe its the old Crew Chief in me that does stuff like that…gotta love government training

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Maybe we should send Tait to boot camp?

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Oh no! That would be silly :slight_smile: when you go in open mechanical you either become a electrical person, crew chief which is the master mechanic of the aircraft, or a jet person. Lesson one is tag all wires, or systems your working on!


I’ve been an aviation mech/avionics tech for a little over 20 years now, both military and civilian, and I kind of giggled at the assembly step where they have you twisting wires together to figure out which motor is which. I just stuck some masking tape on the ends of the wires and marked them appropriately before I pulled them through the drag chain. :smiley: A lot of it is training, though…something like that is an almost involuntary reflex to those of us who have been doing it for ages, but may not immediately occur to someone who’s just used to doing things a different way.

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Any chance for an easel android app ?


Did you try it in Chrome on android?

How would the serial comms work?