Power supply went down

I’m pretty sure my power supply crapped out.

It is the stock power supply with the xcarve, it is a

rsp-320-24 power supply.

When I turn it on, the machine engages and then it all shuts down, I tested it by unplugging everything to include the emergency stop button, plugged in just the power cord, same thing, power supply turns on for half a second, fan doesn’t turn then shuts off, I dusted it out etc etc, still nothing.

So my question is, I found a rsp-320-24 power supply for $60 (third party site etc etc) but it is $60

I found a rsp-350-24 on Amazon for half that price, can I replace it with the rsp-350-24 or do I have to use the rsp-320-24.

I need to figure this out quick, it’s disheartening that my machine crapped out, my friend’s father is dying and I want to make a memorial plaque for him.

Thank you and take care

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350 would be fine , actually more power available to the CNC steppers if they needed it so it could even be better…

Thank you so much, you honestly have no idea how much it means for someone to respond so quickly, I can get back to my projects, thank you!

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My only.other question is if the amps matter, the specs on each are this,

Mean Well LRS-350-24 AC/DC Switching Power Supply 350.4W 24V 14.6 Amp Single Output (LRS Series 350W 24V SMPS)


MEAN WELL LRS-350-48 350.4W 48V 7.3 Amp Single Output Switchable Power

Which one should I go with? The 14.6 or the 7.3? I honestly wouldn’t know what the difference would mean/do

Thanks again, take care

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You’re going to want the 24v one. Not the 48v one.

So get the 24v 14.6A model

Ordered, thank you!

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