Practical laser engraving workflow

I have been struggling trying to make a larger laser project. What I failed to mention in the video, I’m using a 3 watt solid state laser so 600mm/m is about the fastest it can run on certain woods to get good results.

I see the issue you are having… Did you solve it?
I’m looking at upgrading my x carve with the JTech laser but have the same question…
Videos show inkscape and the Path command and show an outline engraving…I’m not much help to you but perhaps can bounce some ideas around?

No I never did get it to work and instead went down the CNC route instead. I did get a smaller version to laser though.

That looks awesome! How did you get the laser to fill cut instead of path/outline as per your video? I’m just not completely sure of buying a laser for that reason. I don’t understand how to get the fill to work, would you please explain?
Kind Regards