Prepare Controller Board

I am at a total loss. After many many hours of putting this together I reach the point of “Prepare Controller Board”. This is totally over my head and I feel like pulling my hair out. This part is way out of my league. Can anyone help?

for the part where you need to set the current potentiometers and microstepping switches, I think they are already properly set (double check the 1,2,3,4 switches on the 3 axes if they match your PCB). X&Y are the same (1,3,4 on position) while Z has 2&4

For the potentiometer, there are 2 almost invisible dots in them, they should also should be set already )

So I don’t need to do anything to this? Just leave alone?

Verify if they match. If they do match, you don’t have to do anything

Hang tight I am going to send pic. I truly know nothing about this

Hoping you can see this

Is this what I want to match my instructions?

the dip switches are correct and I can only see clearly the x and y potentiometers set to 2 o’clock position but not Z. take a close pic of the one your circled out with focus on the blue square

it looks like it’s in 4 o’clock position(can you check if those are the 2 dots?)


if they were, get a small screwdriver and turn it counter clockwise with 2 dots on the position just like what’s in the instruction

I think I got it

Thank you for all your help! I think I have it! Your awesome

Hello, you helped me a few days ago and hoping you can help again. I am wiring X Controller and I have wired my end to X Controller on my Y Limit but I don’t have other end wired? Did I miss a step somewhere?