Preset Work Zero

Does anyone know how to edit pre set work zero

Can you explain what is meant by “preset work zero”

Do you mean how the front left in easel is the work zeros? Or is it something else specific to the XCP?

Sorry Seth, I should have explain in more detail. I have XCP using Easel Pro. when you open the jog control window at the bottom of window there are two boxes for Home position and preset work position.
when I click on Home the machine goes to home, when I click on preset work my my machine moves to about 300 mm in the X and 0 in Y. I am asking how to set the work position so it will move to my project X/Y 0.

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The preset work position is the place that was previously set as work zero, in that same instance that the easel was open… its intended to bring the spindle back into position b4 sending a multi-bit carve.

You would need to home, then probe z, then set x,y and then carve.
With the xcp you are supposed to completely power off, then swap the bit and due to this power off your machine can move, for this reason you’ll have to home, then use the preset work position button to move the gantry back to x,y zero position. Then you probe z and select “use last x,y” and then run the 2nd bit.

This is not the same as a g28 function. If you want to save a jig position you can do that via a g28 saved location…

Thank you Seth

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