Prevent computer sleep while carving

Mac book will go to sleep if power scheme allows it even while carving.

Could something be added to Easel Local to prevent this?



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You should get the Caffeine app from the Mac App Store. It’s free and works well. Just remember to turn it off when you finish cutting!

I think you might also be able to use the command line utility on your Mac to enter “caffeinate” or something, and achieve the same effect, but I’ve never tried it.

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or the app jiggler it was always good for me it just makes the mouse jiggle so it prevents it from sleeping or screensaver to happen.

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I might need to look into something like this, just had a job stop at 60% because my MacBook went to sleep. Couldn’t start over since my homing switches are smashed to I could find the same home position, sad day :frowning: