Preventing laminate (glued to wood) tearout?

I’m not sure what floor laminate MDF is. I’m just using regular MDF and on top of that I’m sticking a sheet of something sticky. I have no idea if it’s laminate or not. There was just a pile of them at one of those cheap overstock places and they had no name. It’s very flexible and about 0.5mm thick and I stick it onto regular MDF. It’s not veneer. It feels like laminate but very thin.

Really? Have you tried carving through this stuff with a CNC and got good results?

It might work but unfortunately defeats the purpose of using the laminate, which was solely to save time and give it the look of finished wood. And I don’t think it would actually soak into it as it’s not really wood and has no pores. But thanks for the suggestion. I may try it just to see if it works!

Thanks for that. I have a Dewalt 611 so I can only use 1/4". Although I tried a couple 1/4" to 1/8" couplers but they didn’t seem to work! I think the bits I bought from China were probably too small. I have like 10 brand new ones just sitting there collecting sawdust.

I might give it a try, but the laminate is still sticking to the paper film that it came with so it’s always going to be stuck to something. But it might be better than sticking it directly onto the mdf and the thin paper film will act as a barrier, who knows… I might use a spray adhesive to stick it onto something (keeping the paper film in place).

I’ll give this a try. I know Phil also proposed this idea… Thanks.

Yes I used hardwood flooring for under mailbox signs, wall decorations, children room toys and toy chests etc. looks fantastic.

I am SO going to buy this it’s not even funny. Thank you.

Awesome! Maybe I’ll give this a try. Would you be so kind as to perhaps provide a link to this stuff, maybe in a big box store or something? Just so I can get an idea.

Also you can check engineered hardwood flooring section.

I think the problem is that the “laminate” material is a self adhesive vinyl that will only cut successfully with a knife as normally used on a vinyl sign machine. I think that almost any rotary cutter will cause "pickup"and furry edges.

You’re absolutely right. I’m sure that’s the problem as well. I’ve noticed that the tip of the bit gets all gummed with the glue.