Preventing saving over newer versions of files

Hi Everyone,

We pushed an update today to help prevent you from saving over a newer version of an Easel file with an older version when working with the same files on different computers, browsers, or tabs.

If you try to make a change to an “old” version of an Easel file that has been updated from another computer, browser or tab since your last change, you will see a warning like this:


You have 3 options at this point:

  1. You can click “Make a copy” if you really want to keep the changes you have in your current window. This will create a new project.
  2. You can click “close” to go back to your old project. You might want to compare the old version to the newer version. You could do this by opening the project again in another window.
  3. You can refresh the page to load the most recent version and discard your old version

We hope you find this change helpful!