Pricing a carving job

How can I go about charging for a carving job. I don’t really know how to charge for that.

A - How many can you make in 8hrs?
B - How much do you want to make (profit) from those 8hrs?
C - Whats your cost for materials&machine for those 8hrs?

(B + C) / A gives you an baseline.

Then you have the two factors also impacting:
1 - What is your market prepared to pay for said item?
2 - Whats the quality of yours, compared to your competition?

This is just one way to look at it :slight_smile:

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The BIGGEST thing to look at is cost of materials and “What will the local market bear”
check Etsy and see what people in your area are selling for, look at the state of the economy in your area…
I do alot of carves (cutting boards and custom signs) that the Wife sells at the monthly street market in our town. In our town, we can make a decent profit and usually walk away happy, however if I were to go two towns to the west, I’d have to drop the prices by half… In the same breath, If I drive an hour north I could easily double or triple my price and still sell out of stock.
Selling in larger cities tends to allow for higher prices while selling in rural areas usually brings slightly lower profits.

Everything Haldor points out is a factor, but the biggest of those factors IMHO is “Local Market” Location Location Location…

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I would say that I am stuck in a lower priced market.

Where I’m at (mostly rural, some industrial) alot of the population is …“Handy”, so it can be tough selling when a person looks at your product and says “I can make that for half that price”
My reply is usually a polite “I’m sure you can” and then I turn my attention to the next customer.

Bigger Cities are usually where we make the most profit… seems that more people are willing to pay for the convenience of having someone else make things for them.

Take a look at your formula.
I think you meant to add B+C/A
If you subtract your hourly rate goes way down.

Typo or brain fart :wink: Yes, you are correct :slight_smile:
(Edited now)