Pricing Feedback (First 10 sessions get 1 month Free)


Thank you for using Easel Cabinet Maker! As we approach the end of our Beta Period, we are seeking pricing feedback on Easel Cabinetmaker.
The first 10 people to complete a feedback session with me will get 1 month of Easel Cabinetmaker for free!
You can book a time on Friday 1/19, Monday 1/22 or Tuesday 1/23

Booking Page


Ben Saks
Director of Software Product

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I booked a timeslot - but I also want to point out I don’t do this for a living nor do I have any commercial interest in Cabinetmaker. I am a weekend hobbyist at best with no CNC and just want an easier way than sketchup to build cabinets - mainly for my shop and build out parts of my new house.
I am not sure if I am the droid your looking for…so if I am not, let me know and I’ll gladly cancel.

Thank you for signing up! I would be glad to chat.

sorry that I’m late. Are you still looking for folks to participate?

Hi Joseph, unfortunately this part of our research is done. We are always interested in product feedback, so if you have any feedback please reach out to me via email or message me here and we can set up a time to chat.