Print A Workpiece

I came across a way to print in Easel, it may not be perfect but it is something to work with. 1] At bottom of work screen click arrow for WorkPieces. 2} Right click mouse on the image you wish to print. 3} Left click [ save image as ]. 4} Give image a name. 5} click save. 6} it is now a download to use. I hope this helps others.


Thanks for the tip. Sharing is caring :slight_smile:

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@KimRussell That method unfortunately creates a rather small image size.
Another method for a larger (higher resolution) image to print would be to Open the Workpiece and use the Snipping app that is default installed in Windows to snip the work area as a image and save and print that.
OR go to Project>Download Project (Zip) then unzip the folder and you’ll have a SVG of the design which can be opened using a browser and zoomed in or out without any loss to the quality.

Just some other options for an even higher quality printout :wink:

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