Printing design and dimensions

Is there a way to print the cabinet dimensions and print the room to be able to have other look and adjust the design.

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There is a way to print an image of the room but I’m not sure about the dimensions. If you click the camera icon in the bottom right of any of the views you are in (all cabinets or individual cabinets) it will download a snapshot of the view you are looking at that you can then print out or send someone.



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Hey y’all! Sorry I missed this. We don’t currently have an export option that includes the dimensions of the cabinets with the 3D rendering. Bill, what level of detail and information would you need from this kind of output for it to be useful? Are you looking for elevation drawings specifically, or would it be enough to just have the dimensions along with the rendering of the room?

We’ve recently added a detailed cabinet summary to the Bill of Materials and the Estimate tab. This summary will include the exterior dimensions of each cabinet in the project. You can print a copy of this summary from the Estimate tab and the Manufacture tab.

Hi Natalie,

Thx for the question. Ideally it would be nice to print out shop drawings or assembly drawings with the dimension, also that would allow for manual cut of the cabinet. Yes, it would be great to pick elevation view, such as front, side or print in 3D.

I think basic dimensions can be listed for the room drawing, but again individual cab would be ideal.



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Thanks for your patience! I just wanted to follow up to let you know that one of our engineers has recently conducted a preliminary investigation into a measurement tool in Easel Cabinetmaker. The prototype isn’t ready to be added to Easel Cabinetmaker in its current state, but it sets us up for success down the road when we’re able to move this effort forward with more velocity. This should lay out some of the groundwork for more detailed outputs for elevation views as well. We’ll make sure to let everyone know in our weekly updates as we make more progress on these developments.

In case you hadn’t seen yet - we now have a manufacturing output for users who don’t have (or aren’t using) a CNC to cut their cabinet panels. In the Manufacture tab, you’ll find that you can choose from a CNC or tablesaw as your manufacturing method. With the tablesaw option, you can generate a cut list for tablesaw manufacturing (or track saw, panel saw, etc.)!

Thank you for your feedback!


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Hi Natalie -

I did see this feature added, this helps greatly if you needed to hand off the drawing to have it cut in another fashion other than CNC.

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