Pro Free Days

Hi All,

I am new to this so please go easy if already covered somewhere.
Am I right in thinking that you get 4 free pro days a month? I am sure I had the option when started but it seems to have disappeared. I have gone to the options like other post suggest but I only have Beta testing & Educator account. Any ideas?

July 21. 2020 was the cutoff of the four free days. After that, new accounts have a 30 day trial period and then it goes away or you have to purchase the Pro version.

@PhillipLunsford, thank you for the reply. Well that’s annoying! I am only going to be an occasional user so not worth subscribing so will have to look at other options now. Thanks again.

Hi James I’m in the same position as you. Just wondering if you ever found any other options? Cheers

Hi Paul, I unfortunately haven’t had time yet but hopefully get some time next week to investigate. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks James