Probably the coolest Project I have ever seen!

Saw this a few weeks ago on my facebook, first I saw the Pistol he made and I was amazed, then today I landed up seeing another video of his making a sniper! Whoever this guy is he is definitely talented! And of course the second I saw these videos I instantly started thinking of how I could use the templates to make these out of MDF instead of cardboard and cut them out on the CNC! Anyways here is the video! Really amazing how everything is so functional and made out of basic household items! He posted the templates in the description, I’m gonna check them out soon and maybe try making one in my spare time! What do you guys think!


Thought the very same thing when I saw the working pistol on Facebook, sadly it’ll be weeks before I can even try it. REALLY interested to see how it works out for you…

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