Probe on shapeoko 2

Id like to add a probe for X, Y, Z axis on my Shapeoko 2 with a Arduino / GShield controller. Has anyone done this and what 2 or 3 pins does it connect to on the controller? Thank you

Just a passive probe?
A5 to probe plate.
Endmill to ground.

with a 2 pin connecter

Is that a three wire?
C3D clone?

If there are three wires, you’ll need to tell me more about the probe.

DOG River Tools used on carbide motion

Just like I said above.

Whichever wire is electrically connected to the alligator clip wire should go to ground, and the other to A5.

Also, you won’t be able to use Carbide Motion.

Your such a help. I connected one wire to the A5 connection and Grounded the other one and it worked. Thank you so much