Probing Issues - Machine not cutting surface at all for first 2 cuts

I have the largest X-Cave Machine. I was cutting out 3mm PVC and it was cutting great the first few times I used the machine. However, all of a sudden, after I go through the process before carving and set my probe, somehow the machine is registering the surface of the material higher than the actual surface, so it would cut two passes without actually touching the surface of the substrate, so that it ends up carving and not cutting out the design. This problem only recently started. So far, I have to lie to the machine by increasing the depth of the substrate in order for it to cut through, but I would really appreciate any assistance in identifying the issue so that it can be resolved.

Is it possible the dimension for your probe changed and it doesn’t match your actual probe? Might want to double check your machine settings.

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Interesting, I will check it out. Didn’t know that existed. Thanks!