Problem - carve comes off path

Please take a look at the issue that I am having. Often it will get through the majority of the job and it will them stop following the path. Slightly off. Sometimes it is the x axis. Other times it seems to be y axis. I have dialed up the y axis on the adreno to see if that was the issue and that did not seem to help. Any suggestions?

Check your belts. Make sure they are tight. Brand new belts may starch a bit when you first install them.

Then check your pulleys. The lock screw can work its way loose, or worse, fall out completely. And because of where they are located it is really hard to check.
If this has happened I recommend putting some lock tight on them when you tighten them down again.

Get in the habit of checking your v-wheels and belts before each project. They can work themselves loose over time.

You can get issues if the v-wheels are too tight as well. That was the problem I had with my first carve and you could tell it was happening because the machine would vibrate when the gantry didn’t move. I was loosing y steps because when it got stuck. You should be able to turn them with your fingers but just barely.

I took both pieces of advice and tightened the belts and loosed a couple of pulleys that would not move. Seems to be working better. I have a different issue, but I will post that on a different thread. Thanks for the help!