Problem connecting to the x-carve from the page

Good day

I want to ask if anyone has had connection problems with the x-carve
for two days I can’t connect from the inventories page with the x-carve as
you see in the image, change the cable repeatedly and update the arduino drivers
(following the recommended step by step) but still the lack of connection persists.

I appreciate any information about it

They prefer if you are using windows to use google chrome maybe that will help.

I had the same issue when I first set up my xcarve. I spent 5 hours on the phone with Tech support. They dialed into my system and ran a bunch of tests. At the end of it all they were not actually able to figure out why my system would work. I could download the drivers but they simply would not execute when I clicked on them. I ended up using my other system for my xcarve and it works perfectly. Both systems are running on windows 10. I am curious to know if/how you have your issue resolved.