Problem importing svg to Easel

Hi community, here is my first post !

Received my X-Carve about 2 weeks ago. I’m happy with it.

But, I had a problem yesterday with engraving not a the right place on the board.
So, I asked myself : if my x/y are not at the right place, is the X-Carve not well calibrated ? Do I have an issue with my drawings ?
I use Inkscape to draw my models. This morning, I decided to draw what can be a calibration test for the X-Carve. But, I have a serious issue : importing the svg in Easel mixed up everything. Very strange !
Here is a screen shot in Inkscape and the same file in Easel.
And the svg file.

If anybody can help …

Calibration (1.4 KB)

It works !!!

Thanks a lot Phil

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