Problem on carving round circle

I haven’t had any more problems…there does seem to be a fine line between too tight or too loose, at least on my machine.
I currently have nylon locknuts behind the eccentric nuts but I have bought eccentric spacers to replace the nuts. Just waiting on finding the time to do it.


someone can help me?
when I draw a circle, the end of the line can not be closed
sory, my english is bad

Stan, in case you’re still around, I thought I’d ask you about your v wheel tension… Can you move them with one finger?

Some of the wheels i can barely move with 1 finger and others it takes 2. I know they should all be the same but it is working good like it is so… I also know that really doesn’t help you :expressionless:

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I’m having the same issue in Easel. It also appears to get worse if you carve several circles back to back during the same carving session. Very frustrating because I don’t want to have to restart a carve for each circle to cut several circles out of a single piece of material.