Problem when importing .svg from Visio


I have the following problem when importing .svg file that is created in Visio.

Can you share the svg?

Here it iscribbage board

Every one of your circles is grouped with an odd path that’s tough to see.

Your lines have the same thing, like you added shading.

The lines are also a bunch of stacked rectangles with duplicate paths. The corners are separate objects. It’ll take some work to fix the SVG.

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No idea what I could have done wrong. Will go back to my original Visio file to have a look what I could have done wrong. Thank you very much to have looked into it Neil

Don’t know if you’re still having trouble with this, the curves were lines and I changed them to shapes
Good Luck


Wow, thank you very very much. I still have a lot to learn. Very good community in here, pretty amazing support :slight_smile:

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