Problem with 2 stage carve last night

last night I ran a 2 stage carve. first bit was a 1/8" and the detail bit was a 90º V bit. I homed the machine to the lower left corner of the work piece. the roughing pass ran fine but when it finished it went “home” about two inches to the right of where it started. I didn’t trust it but foolishly went with it and changed my bit and started the detail pass. Anyone ever have this happen?

If the first carve did not return to start position then steps were lost during that carve. I would guess that part of that first carve is also messed up.

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Mark, total newb here… define steps please? What would be the root problem when a cut loses steps?

Caused by low current from the pots or cuts that are too aggressive.
Do you have the X controller?

Thanks Angus!

Is there a common problem that results in a stepper motor losing step? Or is it kind of like when you lose a sock in the dryer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do have an X controller. I get the slipping belts or the lose pulleys but what would cause insufficient power to the motors?

With X controller I would not expect a power shortage.
Have you tensioned your belts?
Do your axis move freely?

Did you properly adjust the potentiometer for each axis as instructed during assembly?